Edward Chapman


Good job with the video - its about the whole package, not just you! Make sure you produce the video a little differently next time - Really work on expression and sound.

Remember to bring a detailed list of comments you make about your video submission to our lesson at 11am on Tuesday.

Here is the Vaughn-Williams

Please get the music to Mr. Hebert as soon as possible.


Please contact Mr. Hebert and record the Schumann Romance with him. Below is both the practice track and the recording of Daniel Perantoni playing the solo.


Materials for 2/18/19 - Recorded piece and other technical exercises.


work on response and centering the pitch. Front of sound tends to be a little inaccurate.

Octaves, half notes, quarter notes and eight notes. Chevalier.


Daily fundamental routine:

Tone: 10min - Long tones

Flexibility: 10min - 3note, 4note, 5note, 6note slurs. Intervals

Articulation: 10min - Arbans pg. 28 #47

Range: 10min - High and Low

Dynamics: 10min - Soft and Loud playing

Scales: 10min - Natural minor, major in 3rds, blues scales (12bar blues.)

BERP: https://berp.com/product/berp/?variation_id=356&add-to-cart=53&attribute_type=Tuba+%236



10x better. Breathing, response, technique.

Breathing -




 Mozart transcriptions. Baroque music.

Scales - Major Scales, good. AIR!

WWHWWWH - Major Scale

1, b3, 4, #4, 5, b7